Frequently Asked Questions

The following paragraphs attempt to answer the most common questions regarding IOA. However, if you have additional questions or would like to speak with an IOA Administrator, please contact us.

Is IOA right for me?


Just like learning in a classroom, IOA courses may not be the best option for your learning style. Because courses require independent study, you must remain disciplined to succeed.
Online learning is right for those that can say:

  • I am self-directed, highly motivated, and self-disciplined.
  • I am an independent learner.
  • I own or have regular access to a computer with Internet access and email.
  • I am computer literate.
  • I have good time management skills.
  • I always finish what I start.

What costs are associated with IOA courses?


The cost of IOA courses varies depending on your home school of record.  Some schools will pay all or a portion of the tuition for an IOA course, while other schools will not.  Please refer to the school list to determine the cost associated with your school.  Then, speak with your counselor to find out who is expected to cover that cost.

As a parent, I want to be involved with my child's education. How can IOA enable this?


Parents are always encouraged to participate in the educational process of their children. The easiest way to stay connected with what your child is doing in their online course is to utilize the Mentor account. The parent must provide a different email address than the student’s during registration. The system automatically will establish a Mentor account for the parent and email their login information to the parent’s email address along with instructions for using the account. The parent’s email must be different than the student’s email address in order to establish a Mentor account. This account will not become active until the opening day of the session when the student begins their course. Mentor makes monitoring student progress and communicating with teachers so easy. Parents/guardians can:

  • View the percent of course work that has been completed and posted to the grade book
  • View the average percent grade representing the work posted to the grade book
  • Email your student’s instructor from within the course system

How do I register for courses?


  1. Meet with your guidance counselor to determine if an IOA course is an option for you. Note: Your Guidance Counselor’s approval is a requirement in the registration process.
  2. Register online for your course(s).
  3. Payment can be made online by credit card at the time of registration or mail a check payable to IOA.
  4. Next, an e-mail is generated to the selected counselor for their approval.
  5. The student will receive an e-mailed notification upon the Guidance Counselor’s approval. Payment is due by the 15th day of the course. The student's account will be deactivated if payment is not received.
  6. Students will receive a user name & password on the start date of their course, and will be contacted by their instructor during the first week of class.

How is IOA tailored to my needs?


IOA is the perfect solution for students in lots of different situations.  Some examples are:

  • At risk students: IOA can help you get caught up with the rest of the course.
  • Traditional students: IOA offers options to help you take courses which wouldn't otherwise fit into your school schedule.
  • Accelerated learners: IOA will enable you to work ahead of the course or to take prerequisites or other classes outside normal course work.
  • Homebound students: IOA will enable you to complete your high school courses even if you are unable to go into your school building to do so.
  • Homeschooled students: Many homeschool families are turning to distance learning education as the foundation of their curriculum.  Since all of the courses are accredited by the student’s home school of enrollment, IOA can take some of the pressure off parents who are thinking about long-term obstacles, such as applying to colleges.
  • I always finish what I start.

But, just like learning in a classroom, IOA courses may not be the best option for your learning style. Because courses require independent study, you must remain disciplined to succeed.  Please take our self assessment to find out if IOA could work for you.

I have additional questions.


A good place to start is by contacting your guidance counselor.  He or she should be able to answer most of your questions, especially ones that are specific to your school of enrollment.  Much more information can also be found in our IOA Handbook.  Otherwise, please feel free to contact an IOA Administrator.