What makes IOA different?

We realize that there are a host of options for online high school learning; any search on the internet turns up thousands of results.

So what makes the Indiana Online Academy different? Glad you asked.

Level of Parent Involvement

  Unlike many online high schools, IOA strives for a high level of parent engagement. Our view is that parent support is critical for student success. Accordingly, we have built our program with this in mind, offering parents around-the-clock access to the material students are covering in course and to their students' progress in each course. This information is available via our online Parent Portal, but we also make it easy for you to conact your child's instructor.

Most importantly, IOA teachers are required to have nearly daily personal interaction with each student. Teachers hold the equivalent of online office hours, making them available to answer individual questions via email, discussion forums, or online chat.

IOA courses are facilitated by an instructor


And not just any instructor - all IOA teachers are licensed Indiana teachers. Moreover, these instructors all teach within their content area. Finally, all course content is developed by Indiana high school teachers. Every aspect of the education provided by IOA is thus in complete adherence to the guidelines and standards defined by the Indiana legislature.

Credit is granted by the student's own school

  And this is where IOA really excels - we are not a generic, national high school or general provider of high school course content. We partner with each school through which IOA courses are offered, meaning online courses from IOA bear the same weight as traditional in-classroom courses. When a student successfully completes an IOA course, the credit is recorded on their transcript in the semester during which the course was finished. No waiting - No credit transfer forms - No restrictions on course equivalency - IOA courses are "native" at participating high schools.

Course content is delivered online

  Meaning the materials required for purchase are minimized. Some courses do have supplement text or lab requirements, which (just like traditional courses) the student or parent are responsible for. However, most of our content is available over the internet, thus no textbooks to buy.

Fostering this kind of online collaboration and learning is also a huge step towards college preparedness, as students will undoubtedly encounter the same type of course work in college.