Testimonials for IOA

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"I liked my on-line government class this past summer because it gave me the opportunity to get the government credit I needed while leaving an opening in my schedule for the fall of my senior year. I have taken summer school for the last two summers in order to get the credits I needed towards my honors diploma. It was great not having to get up early all summer in order to go to summer school. I also had a chance to take a class that I did not have room for in my hectic schedule."
- Brandi C., student
"Brandi had gone to summer school for two summers. I did not want her to have to go the summer before her senior year. I wanted her to have a normal summer- sleep late if she wanted, do things with her friends. Because of being on the football team, her summer is short anyway. It was nice for her to be able to work at her own pace, get credit for a class she needed, but still be able to have the kind of "break" she desperately needed. The on-line classes are a true gift for students."
- Cindy S., parent
"I am very pleased with the opportunities afforded our students through online learning. The Indiana Online Academy has provided a one-on-one teacher-student ratio that accommodates many of our students' learning styles. It also gives them the chance to take Core 40 classes that they need to graduate and still enroll in elective courses of their choice."
- Mary Marlin, Counselor, Greencastle High School