Summer Session 2014 Guidelines

Please thoroughly read the following before registering.

What is online learning?

Online learning provides flexibility for students to enjoy their summer and earn high school credits. Students work at their own pace and time within the Summer School parameters.  Online learning requires a significant commitment of time and effort in order to be successful. Self-motivation and good time management are essential. Online courses are definitely more convenient and flexible, but are in some ways more difficult. During Summer Session, the time commitment is even greater due to the condensed time frame of the course.   Students should plan on spending approximately 16 hours a week per course.

Students who are traveling, attending camps, or plan to be away from their virtual course for more than 2 consecutive days during the Summer Session should notify their instructor (once they are in the course) of the dates they will be absent.   There are a few guidelines a student MUST follow specifically during the Summer School session.

Course Enrollment

  • Summer Session registration window is April 14 through June 4, 2014. (Schools may close earlier or extend the closing to June 13)
  • If the student is not sure they will pass their course, proceed in registration for the course.  The student may withdraw if they pass the course at their school. 
  • IOA offers one (1) Summer School session:  June 9 - July 24.
  • All course work must be completed by July 20.
  • Final exams are July 21, 22, 23, and 24. Final exams will be scheduled at the student’s high school.
  • Due to the condensed time frame of the Summer Session courses, students will only be allowed to take a maximum of TWO (2) Summer Session courses. 
  • Students will NOT be able to enroll in both PE I and PE II.  Students may enroll in only one (1) PE course. 
  • If the student plans to take TWO Summer Session courses, they must register for both courses before registration closes on June 4.  Students must work in BOTH courses concurrently (at the same time).
  • While it is not recommended if a student enrolls in both semesters of Algebra I or II, Geometry, Chemistry, Chinese, Spanish or American Sign Language, they must complete the first semester by June 30th to be eligible to move on into the second semester and complete it by July 24th.
  • Payment can be made online when the student registers or a check can be mailed to IOA. Payment is not required at the time of registration.

Technology Requirements

  • The student must have an active e-mail address, internet access and possess basic computer skills.
  • Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, Adobe Flash and updated Java programs are needed.
  • It is recommended to have cable/DSL internet access. A dial-up connection is difficult to view videos and conduct online labs.  

Student Progress / Withdrawal Procedure

Students are given 6 weeks to complete their course(s).  Students must be actively participating in all courses by June 23, 2014. Students are able to work on their own time and pace, but must progress on a consistent basis to successfully complete the course(s) within the 6 weeks. The withdrawal policy is as follows:

  • Should a student choose to withdrawal from a course before June 23, 2014 there will be no penalty.  A “W” withdraw will be reported to the student’s high school and the student will receive a full refund by the end of August.
  • To process a withdrawal, click on “Submit a Ticket” within the student’s course and complete the ticket form with the student’s name, student’s User Name and title of the course.  
  • Should a student choose to drop a course after the 15 day withdrawal period, no refund will be issued.   A failing grade will be reported to the student’s high school.
  • IOA students must complete the Student Training Unit and at least 20% of the course assignments by JUNE 23th.  Students who do not meet this requirement will be automatically withdrawn from the course, and a Withdraw will be reported to their school of enrollment. 
  • If a student is automatically withdrawn, they may petition the administration office to be reinstated within three (3) days of being withdrawn.
  • Students must have at least 40% of the course assignments completed by June 30th.  Students who do not meet this requirement will be placed on Academic Probation.  Alert emails will be sent to the parent/guardian warning of the student’s potential failure. 

Final Exams

Final Exams will be administered at the student's home school of enrollment July 21-24 (depending on the school's schedule).  Students will be able to register for a date/time to take the Final Exam or access the school’s arrangements for final exams after June 30th through their student account.

If a student will not be available to take their final exam during those dates, they must seek other arrangements with a local library, learning center, community college or school in their area.  Late final exams will not be accepted.  All final exams must be completed by July 24, 2014. There are NO exceptions.

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