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For a student to be eligible to participate in the Indiana Online Academy program, your high school must first become a partner by signing a Partnership Agreement.  This agreement simply states the school is permitting the student to take courses through the Indiana Online Academy, the school will grant the credit and proctor the final exam.  IOA agrees to provide Indiana Core Standard-Based curriculum, provide an Indiana licensed teacher and provide the technology to deliver the content.


The Indiana Online Academy is a non-profit initiative of the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) that provides services to school districts.  CIESC is just one of nine service centers across the state. For more information on CIESC- please visit the web site at  The Indiana Online Academy is fully accredited through the North Central Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, however IOA operates as a supplemental program which does not award the credit for student’s work; the student’s school grants the credit.


IOA offers over 80 Core 40 and Advanced Placement courses.  All IOA courses were developed and are taught by an Indiana licensed high school teachers within their content areas and meet or exceed the Indiana state standards.  This is not a "computerized" or correspondence course.  IOA students have the unique opportunity of learning in groups of students from many different high schools across Indiana that represents different cultures and diversities.  The student can work on their own time, at home, at school or in a library.  The student is given 16 weeks to complete the course (7 weeks during the summer session).  IOA offers flexible enrollment with a new course session beginning on the fourth Monday of the month. The final exam must be proctored and the student must pass the exam to pass the course.  You may consider using IOA for special circumstances, such as a homebound student, scheduling conflicts, students wanting AP courses or courses not offered by the high school.


There is no membership fee or initial cost to the high school.  The school determines who is responsible for the payment of the courses. Some schools pay for a portion of the fee, while others pay nothing, making the fee the responsibility of the student.  Upon your review and approval, please sign and return the Partnership Agreement and Counselor’s Contact form. The counselor’s emails are needed to enroll them into the system, allowing the counselors to receive notification of a student’s enrollment pending their approval.  This also enables the counselors to have access to the student’s progress and grades throughout the session, as well as final exam information and the final grade. 


IOA stands ready to partner with your district to offer this quality program in a cost effective manner. We would welcome the opportunity to briefly visit with you and/or the guidance counseling staff either in person, via webinar or by a video conference.   Please contact us to arrange a date and time that is convenient for your schedule.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact IOA at 317-759-5559.  Please feel free to fax your completed documents to 317-489-0328 or scan and email to We look forward to the opportunity to serve your students in the near future!