Your time, Your place, Your pace

The Indiana Online Academy, a supplemental program that partners with schools, offers courses online as an alternative means to earn high school credits. Whether you are looking to take additional courses, striving to get back on track, or wanting flexibility in your schedule, IOA is the ultimate in online learning!

The IOA offers real high school courses for real high school credit to a growing list of Indiana schools. See if your high school is partnered with IOA.

Is IOA right for you?


Just like attending a course at your high school, you must be committed and self- disciplined to succeed.  If you’ve never taken an online course and want to find out if the virtual learning environment is right for you, checkout the FAQ's and take a minute to do the self-assessment.

What is an IOA course like?


You will be given a confidential user name and password which will access your personal profile page containing pertinent information regarding your IOA course.
Much like a traditional course, an IOA online course is divided into units, sections or chapters, which contain the actual content.  Content may include things like:

  • Text (Readings, Notes, Web Links, etc.)
  • Assessments / Quizzes
  • Multimedia (Images, Audio, Video, etc.)
  • Threaded Discussions (Topics to which you and the other students respond)

You may see some, all, or none of these items in each individual unit of your course.     

The instructor as well as other students in the course may engage in online discussions, group activities and live chat.  Assignments are submitted through an online drop box which is similar to attaching a document to an email.  The instructor will communicate with you through online discussions, telephone conversations as well as individual email communications throughout the session.

Technology Requirements - Students Must Have:

  • An active e-mail address, internet access and possess basic computer skills.
  • Daily access to the Internet.
  • Browser recommendations are Firefox or Google Chrome, most current update.
  • Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software.
  • Adobe Flash and updated Java programs are needed.
  • It is strongly recommended to have cable/DSL internet access.

Participating Schools


The Indiana Online Academy along with our member schools partner together to provide students with the ultimate alternative means to earn their high school diploma. Through the delivery of dynamic engaging, and interdisciplinary curricula, students are challenged to exercise their time management, critical thinking, and communication skills in the pursuit of academic success.

The majority of educators agree, good education continues to be about the relationship between teachers and students. IOA teachers are dedicated to improve that relationship. IOA student’s testimonies prove that they feel comfortable expressing themselves in the non-threatening environment that an online course provides with discussions, where disability, social status, racial and even gender differences are not as evident as they would be in a traditional classroom.

Click here to see if your high school is partners with IOA.

If you do not find your high school listed, please contact us regarding how your school could become an IOA partner!

How do I register for an IOA course?

  1. Meet with your guidance counselor to determine if an IOA course is an option for you. Note: Your Guidance Counselor’s approval is a requirement in the registration process.
  2. Register online for your course(s).
  3. Payment can be made online by credit card at the time of registration or mail a check payable to IOA.
  4. Next, an e-mail is generated to the selected counselor for their approval.
  5. The student will receive an e-mailed notification upon the Guidance Counselor’s approval. Payment is due by the 15th day of the course. The student's account will be deactivated if payment is not received.
  6. Students will receive a user name & password on the start date of their course, and will be contacted by their instructor during the first week of course.